How To Make Gold in WoW MOP // 5500g per Hour no profession with Commentary

How To Make Gold in WoW MOP // 5500g per Hour no profession with Commentary *Try you luck at winning 1 year of game time? Click to enter the random competition* How To Make Gol…
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  1. Its worth doing. but on my realm the cloth wont sell. and if it does. maybe for 10g a stack and I can vendor it for 3g

  2. It works great but its no 5k : / But its still worth doing if you can sell the cloth on your realm. here is a list of what I got . And I’m sure ill make a lot of gold off it
    own potion
    607g from looting and vendor trash [by trash I mean the green gears to]
    30 stacks of embersilk cloth
    51 tiny chest
    From the chests I got
    13 stacks of embersilk cloth
    10 volatile water
    14 volatile air
    14 volatile earth
    29 volatile life
    15 volatile fire
    1 elememtium lock box
    21 elememtium ore
    24 pyrite ore

  3. Does this work anywhere? Or does it have to be in deepholm? So all u gitta do is drink this potion n pull mobs?

  4. Tu veux que ton perso gagne 15 000 PO en un seul coup et en moins de 2mn? Rends toi vite sur mon blog : et je t’expliquerai comment faire pour y parvenir? ! C’est simple, rapide et ils sont déja des centaines a avoir testé et approuvé cette technique 😉

    (bientôt un vidéo sur le programme !) Bon jeu.

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