How to make Plat – Beginner Warframe Guide


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  1. So, maybe this sounds stupid but is it really necessary for warframe/weapons slots to cost Platinum? I built Rhino, Frost and Oberon at around the same time but I now am forced to pick 1 otherwise I'll have to sell Excalibur for 10k credits all because I can only have 2 warframes total?

  2. I have all 6 syndicates in the positive. That's better. Max out four then switch back and fourth with the sigils and soon enough the negatives go positive.

  3. No dude on Xbox its 2p each for for prime junk , period. Nobody is going to pay more. I’ve seen the guys who watched your vid trying to get 3 or 4p per piece and sadly they end up getting ran out of trade. Gold drops only fetch more if they are vaulted and it depends even then on the particular weapon. Or frame. Please update your info or specify that these are PC trade market prices. Thnx great vid.

  4. Prime junk selling ftw xD
    You can get 10 plat for 5 parts ez money that is fun to farm owo

  5. How to make plat in 10 minutes:

    Have a syndicate at rank 5 (any will do)Go on
    Put up literally every augment mod that your syndicate gives.
    Wait 2 minutes.

  6. No offense to you as a person… but i do not need nor intend to find out why youre dressed as an anime character. Life needs these small mysteries

  7. MR 2 is when you can start earning platinum. Sorry Mr. Makari but I only know this because try to help too many new players get something decent to sell and let them venture on in warframe to see how they spend the amount they earn.

    Edit: Signing up for those 3rd party websites can get someone banned? Glad I avoid them and use TC or Discord.

    Edit2: those pm's lol

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