How To Make Platinum in Warframe for Beginners.


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Basically farm rare items, sell them on trade chat, rake in the money. It’s easy and should be apart of the intro tutorial so people aren’t turned away instantly. I just wish warframe’s tutorial was better otherwise the game would be perfect.

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  1. Paid $60 and got Volt and Loki prime and enough plat to buy a dozen prime sets in trade chat so…

  2. Definitely interesting, but there's one major flaw. Unless you're the luckiest person on earth, you're not going to have enough items that people would want at mastery rank 2. So this strategy is probably only really useful for people who are fairly high level.

  3. "You know who I am" I just found out about this channel because it was recommended. :/

  4. Honestly Warframe For Beginners Shouldnt Care about platinum when they get more in to the game then they should do trades and more

  5. So I’m a new player and I’m trying to sell relics and all that kinda stuff, but nobody buys they just sell

  6. I have fragor, rex skin, noble animation set, boltor, and almost afuris without spending real money, I love it also one question I can’t craft afuris, I have all components for it, can someone help me?

  7. I was so lucky enough to get all chroma prime parts from my relics but should I sell? or keep?

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