How To Make Profit From Every Trade (Rocket League)


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How To Make Profit From Every Trade (Rocket League)
Trading Tips On How To Make Profit On Every Trade In Rocket League.

This tutorial will show you how to maximize profit on every trade in rocket league. Some simple trading tips to remember when trading on rocket league, whether it is an expensive trade or a cheap trade. Good luck trading and don’t forget to have fun!

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  1. I got trigon (worth around 7-9 keys I think 🤔) for wet paint (worth around 4-5 keys ) made profit👍🏻

  2. Just wonderin im bad at trading could anyone help me out just on prices and good trades and stuff

  3. Can anyone trade
    Me anything I don’t have anything because I just bought the game my username is EJT2207

  4. My two friends both had heatwave and I have one of them parallax and 23 of the newer crates lol. And then I gave the other person 48 overdrives for his heatwave, and here’s the funny thing, after we traded he said “no trade backs”

  5. i come across a bot in trading and he gave me white zombas for the gale fire decal from new crate and wind blast decal from new crate

  6. Thanks dude! You helped me figure out how to be better at trading, now my inventory is worth about 278k, at the satart i had some limiteds and 1k, also good work and keep it up😉👍

  7. i dont know which was my best trade i think i gave a guy dom gt for hexed but hexed was 19k Back then or I got Cbolt mainframe i gave A pink jaguar n pink disco few bad adds

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