How to [MOD] [Dead Island] for your Xbox 360 with Modio

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  1. Bad news i always wanted 2 but i got banned from the xbox 360 so i only
    play ps3 my gamertag is actually SYNDICATEXANGEL but it doesn’t exist
    anymore.. so WARNING dont overuse the mods like me lol.

  2. @MultiGamerbro Then make a new character then go yo your pc find another
    gamesave then download to device directly.

  3. You don’t even understand… Modio wasnt working for jack shit for me.
    @gaytony10 … YOU ARE MY HERO! I got it working my man! This video helped
    so much!!

  4. @GBacon28 Do what i do on the video.. and i think you got a slow pc because
    download a gamesave does work.

  5. Dude your not a real moder try this making a weapon with all the blue
    prints with non breakable you just got it from someone else your a phony

  6. How would you get banned from doing this ? lol like can you reply back on
    how they would find out your modding? and add me btw and have you modded
    your game and when cause i dont want to get banned thanks if you reply and
    my GT is:LegendxTacTicaL feel free to add me and we can maybe play dead
    island 😀

  7. @MultiGamerbro You can see the right 1 with the 000000000 is modded and the
    left 1 with numbers is my original and if you done that rehash and resign
    on the modded 1 and my gt does exsist.

  8. @luckyjr5blade DID i say it’s my own mod? NO and a other thing i also got
    my own mods go to modio find my name Rockstargamers you will see my own
    created mods im just explaining this tutorial for beginners.. think about
    it if youre smart and im not english even..

  9. When i transfered it to my hard drive the saved game and i went onto dead
    island it says corrupted ? can you help me and btw your name doesnt exist
    so just add LegendxTacTicaL

  10. goddammit!! i dont want to download a different save!! i just want to mod
    MINE… seriously wtf?!?!?!? i just want to have my SAME exact content!! i
    want to have something to do when i am done with the campaign… not just
    waist away with infinite ammo on countless amounts of zombies… for the
    love of GOD

  11. Btw bro your GT doesnt exist and in your video at 2:20 to like 2:25 were
    you copy and paste the stuff you should like make that more clear cause
    when i watched i didnt know what you were doing so just giving you a
    pointer 😀

  12. @MultiGamerbro Ye sure we can play my gamertag of xbox 360 is
    SYNDICATEXANGEL you can add me if you wan’t and yes you can be banned if
    you do this online so log off first then mod this then go online and have

  13. I transferred the save, now when I open it up in modio nothing is there.
    And when I go into the usb via Computer>Removable USB, I get an arrow, and
    a letter “t”. can you please help?

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