How to mod MW2 Campaign using USB and Modio + (Download)


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  1. @mikkmikk2 sorry this comment is late.. but i have a new account and i get
    on them more.. You go to the Dvar list in the mod tool for mw2 and put
    these aim_autoaim_enabled 1 aim_autoaim_lerp 999 aim_lockon_debug 1
    aim_lockon_enabled 1 aim_lockon_strength 9 aim_lockon_deflection 0.0005 all
    as different ones like the fist one would be: aim_autoaim_enabled and the #
    it asks next to it would be 1. and so on

  2. I need help!!!!!!!!! I put the file into my USB then put it into my system.
    I started up the campaign save i did and it’ll load like a little bit and a
    message will pop and say Error Unable to access save device. Please make
    sure that you have a valid User profile {Xbox Live account. Use ‘Tools’
    Xanon Launcher} Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @harry123holland on this video.. i dont know.. im pretty sure because of
    the green square though..

  4. This is the most dumb video i have seen in a while you do not need to even
    use the usb explorer or w.e it is i have the same thing download modio 3.0
    svae a game to usb stick put in pc open modio scroll down to MW2 game tool
    open it then open your profile right from there and do everythign he did in
    less then 3 minutes

  5. @rtrszs Go to the link i have in description.. download that.. its in a
    folder called aimbot.. when your on modding screen it should have a custom
    tab (3:04) then press load custom dvar and use the mdv file in there..
    (make sure to extract the rar file)

  6. @nomercy7771 you can NOT hack multiplayer unless you have a jtag. But this
    teaches you how to hack single player.

  7. @mikkmikk2 Or just go to the file named Aimbot and there is a file called
    NZHAX_AIMBOTv1.mdv click Load custom Dvar and load that file

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