How to mod Payday 2 | Common Issues Explained (Both BLT and SuperBLT method)


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After watching a few videos on this topic and noticing the lackluster instructions with no explanation, I decided to make my own. I have been helping in the comments of the most popular video and realized that people weren’t transferring all the folders so I took the time to make this video and help with those common issues.
I am sorry for the quality issues but I assure you that the details provided outweigh the issues.


Brief Steps for normal BLT

1) Go to steam and right click payday 2 in the library list, select properties and find local files

2)Download BLT from this link:

3)Unzip the file and extract the contents, then move it into the payday folder. Make sure you also move the file named ‘IPHLPAPI.dll’ (the most common issue)

4)Download Beardlib from this link: (This is different from the one I gave out as it causes fewer crashes)

5) Unzip and move Beardlib into the mods folder that you downloaded in BLT

6)Install any mods into this folder, but be careful. Some may be viruses and some may require SuperBLT so…

Brief Steps for SuperBLT

1)Follow all the steps for normal BLT

2)Go to the link and install the file from the embedded link ‘Latest Release Dll’:

3)Replace the IPHLPAPI.dll with WSOCK32.dll and delete the IPHLPAPI.dll (Which may require a PC restart)

4)Delete the ‘base’ folder in the ‘mods’ folder

5)Run the game as usual and you will receive a request to reinstall ‘base’; accept this and reopen the game

6)You may crash a few times but this is common, just reopen



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  1. very Good video indeed i just have a problema that only 2 mods appear under the blt mods folder inside payday 2 and superblt doesnt register for some reason 2 of my other mods those being the meth helper and the carry stacker and i dont know what to do

  2. why why you say delete base and download it again but for me it says error accured tell me how to fix it?

  3. My game keeps on crashing even though i did everything the same way u did, do u have a way to repair it ?

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