How to Permanently Activate Windows 10 Pro [New Method in 2017]


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  1. Yo fam, just a lil follow up ta let chu know that I found out wut caused my problem. I had my (VPN) on. I kept thinking about wut could the problem b? Amazing wut happenz when u stop & think just a lil bit!…(LOL). Anyhoo, soon as I turned off the (VPN) & ran the program again, on the very 1st try, voila! So, just wanted 2 let chu know the program ran 4 me just the way it did in ur video. Mad propz 2 u & all who had a part in bringing this most magnificent piece of software 2 da people. Thx a mill, peace mah good brotha.

  2. I just tried 2 use the activator, everything waz going smooth, until I got 2 the send (ID) part. I tried using web activation & got this msg: (UNFORTUNATELY WE CANNOT COMPLETE THIS TRANSACTION AS OUR RECORDS DO NOT RECOGNIZE THIS AS A VALID PRODUCT). Any ideaz as 2 wut might have caused this msg? As on this end I an confused. Thx, peace.

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