How to play Fire Emblem Heroes on your PC with BlueStacks


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  1. If searching on Google Play doesn't show Fire Emblem Heroes, you can always go to the F.E.H. website ( and use the appropriate App Store/Google Play button to take you to the Store page.

    Ironically, I know this even though Nintendo has seen fit to not release F.E.H. in my country.
    T.Y., Nintendo.

  2. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FIRE EMBLEM HEROES IN PLAY STORE IF YOU USE VPN, TRY USE VPN, also you can create nintendo link on browser that also need vpn too

  3. I have blue stacks and have apparently installed FE Heroes, but can't "find" it to update it in the google play store.

  4. I searched it on the " search apps " and it appeared but after I downloaded and launched it It wanted me to update the game so I pushed update and it brings me to the google play store saying " Item not found Retry "

  5. Is it possible to run this without linking the Nintendo account? Because I was gonna have two different save files…

  6. There's apparently a new version available and I'm unable to play it now as "my device isn't compatible with this version" but it has been working splendidly for me earlier. What can I do to make it work now?

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