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  1. I have a major problem. When I go into cutscenes it seems like the top and bottom of the screen is cut off. Or it's always cut off, I'm not sure. Is there any way to fix this? Using the newest version of PCSX2, I'm also using my Legit Discs for PS2 on my PC. I don't need ISO's from the internet.

  2. I'm stuck on the BIOS part, downloading it was easy but when I tried to select it nothing happened to the BIOS rom, what am I doing wrong? or am I using the wrong file?

  3. It better work :/ I want Kingdom Hearts 2, but you can only play it on Playstation 2 and 3 and I already have an Xbox One…

  4. I installed the recommended bios, but the emulator isn't recognizing it in the bios folder. Any answers to why that is?

  5. soo is this still working? ;-; ive been searching forever on how to do this. i download the game, but it doesnt download as an iso file? what should i do to solve that? 😮

  6. Do i have to use an DVD because i installed everything and the (Iso) want an empty DVD to work 😛

  7. guys help i downloaded everything and i did everything but once i opened it i cant click anything in kh2 i cant click new game pls help

  8. But the file doesn't have a bios folder in it. What am i supposed to do? It has Cheats (Folder), Dcos (folder), Langs (folder), Pluggins (folder), cheats winrar, gameindex, the actual application, unintall, and w32pthreads. Please help.

  9. Mine is an Winrar file!! When I open it I have alot of files about 16 Please!! How do I turn it into an ISO file! This guy never explained it!

  10. So the whole reason i started looking for this emu is because my disk reader broke down on my ps2, so I cant get the bios off my ps2 since I cant have it read the disk that you are suppose to burn the app to.  Any Ideas?

  11. how do you move your character? I was able to go only uo to the menu because I don't know how to move my character.  Pls help….

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