[How To] Play Killing Floor 2 LAN Online Using Tunngle

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  1. Hi, you have some links like KF2 launcher v8 at your description. Are they for download the full game exactly from your video to play with tunngle?

  2. Does this work with the released version? Because i tried to host the game using the features they got in the game but it didnt work. But i played with tunngle yesterday in someone's server.

  3. Hey i have a few question, currently my main menu of the game says
    1. Online matchmaking
    2. Browse Server
    3. Play Solo
    is that normal? cause i remembered seeing multiplayer option.

    another thing is, do we have to use tunggle? can we use hamachi instead? and how do we connect via lan?

  4. hey why do you have so many servers in the server list. in my launcher not a single server appears

  5. Im getting ths when launching the KF2Launcher:
    Cannot connect to database: Authentication to host "db4free.net" for user "kfserverlist" using method "mysql_native_password" failed with message: Access denied for user "kfserverlist" (then an IP Adress) "(using password: YES)"

  6. Hey dude, so I re-downloaded the game from revolt.loginto.me and updated it to the current version (V1021) and it seems that everything's working fine right now except that Im not receiving any servers from the KF2Launcher, Im in Tunngle's KF2 room right now, there is people playing and the KF2Launcher is running as admin as well, but I still cant see any servers, what's the problem here?

    EDIT: https://gyazo.com/20e594a4a9e6df9717867df05ff7db06

  7. Tried using the launcher on nosTEAM release, and I got this:

    "Look, I understand why you downloaded a release by nosTEAM, you don't know any better, but you need to know this: nosTEAM is a filthy thief! They steal people's work and make profit of it, everytime you visit their website or download one of their releases, you pay those thiefs money, money they don't deserve! Please, next time be more cautious with what you download"

    I laughed way harder than I should've…and now Im crying because I dunno where to get a "legit" release…please, if you have a direct link to the game's torrent, I'd appreciate it if you linked it to me

  8. Nice tutorial.. but i have the nosteam version which is not supposed to work with this? when i try the launcher it tells me a message telling me not to download from nosteam again but nothing happens after.. any solutions? do i have to redownload the game or there's a fix?

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