How to play Payday 2 Multiplayer for free On PC


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LowEndPC Hub Present How to play Payday 2 Multiplayer for free

1 .First you have to go to this link and download the file.

#This is a torrent file you can download the best Payday 2 Mp version From here

After Download The Games Install it.

2.To be able to play ONLINE download Updates and install-it to the Gamefolder of Payday 2
download here –

Note : You have to Download All Updates and install it to play Payday 2 Multiplayer

Now Install The all Updates in the Games Directory.

3. Now you have to register in Tungle community by going to this link

Tunngle – Free Client Download its required for playing MP

4. After Doing All these Things You can find PAYDAY2_Fix_Repair_LAN_V2_Generic in the gamefile
That You Download From The Utorrent now Extract the file and copy all the file in to the Game

5. Now You have to Open Tunggle Free Client an log in with you user name and pass that you get
After registration. Then Search for Payday 2 and enter in appropriate room by following me.

6. Start the game with “SSELauncher.exe” (LanFix). remember always Start the Game with
‘Run As Admisnistrator’

7. Now You can Find The all the Language Is Russian to change the languge Do this

1) Go to the folder with the game.
2) Open “context.xml” with Notepad.
3) Edit here “language=”english” with your language.
8. Now Again Open The Game And Do that =
In the main menu click “CRIME.NET” ? Press “F” and follow next steppes:
– Uncheck “Level Appropriate Server”.

– “Maximum Servers” = 40

– “Distance Filter” = Worldwide

Choose one Mission ? Set up the server (in-game kicking : disable and uncheck auto-kick cheaters) ? “Accept” ? Wait until someone join your server.

Click “Start the Heist” to begin the mission.

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