How to play PC games through Chrome!


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  1. What is Chromebook on which you play in this video? That would interest me, I plan to take the same;) it is impressionant lives chromebook;)

  2. If I was to go to school with my chromebook and have my gaming pc stream to it, would I be able to remotely access it and not lose any performance?

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  4. What version did u use? I use moonlight chrome but its so choppy and graphics isnt that great. I used my android and it works flawlessly but on my 2016 windows tablet it isnt as fluid and nice. I used the same extension version not the java version.

  5. The only thing i hate about Game Streaming… is that not even 1 application.
    – Nvidia shadowplay
    – Steam: in home streaming service
    – Moonlight.

    allow the the MAIN Gaming PC to be used when its streaming a game. i just want to be able to stream a game in the background. sadly you have to keep the game as the main open window. if you choose to minimize the game, the game also minimizes on the other end of the stream.

  6. For all crybabies in the Comments:
    This video is for people who can't take their desktop PC anywhere.
    You can't play games like csgo or Overwatch on your toasters plugged into a Potato.

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