1. Literally just watched this since the PC predownload went live yesterday and haven't linked my Blizzard account yet. And it is exactly also 5 days to go

  2. I go on bungie and link and it says this account is in use unlink and close profile or cancel what do ivdo

  3. It's throwing me this error, how come???

    "Your Blizzard Account is already linked to another Bungie.net account. It must be unlinked before you can use it on this account."

    I don't have another Bungie.net account ffs, why would I?? is this a bug?

  4. i made a new bungie account signed into my blizzard account instead of my original xbox one account, will i still be able to get access to the early beta on my PC?

  5. Datto, I had an issue where I purchased the limited edition for Destiny 2 through Gamestop (I know, maybe not the best choice), but I didn't get my code from them or through my email that I gave them. Should I have gone with the digital deluxe edition in order to receive my code, or should i just wait for my early access code? Any help/opinions on this would be incredibly helpful.

  6. Datto when you played D2 on PC at E3, was ADS, sprint, and crouch toggle or hold? Or could you change between both?

  7. so both my blizzard and ps4 accounts are linked to my bungie account. I plan to play the beta on ps4 and pc, but the actual game on pc. Will I have any problems playing the beta on both? (Have beta keys for both)

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