How to prevent getting hacked in Diablo 3! by Cdx

How to prevent getting hacked in Diablo 3! by Cdx

Cdx gives three tips on how to help prevent your Diablo 3 account from being hacked. Recently there has been many players getting hacked. Cdx’s Livestream – …
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  1. 1.) public game joining is not really confirmed.
    2.) I don’t see the logic of someone jumping into your game (quick join option) as a viable method of hacking your account. (not saying impossible, but need to see some proof)
    3.) This is the only game i ever played that more than 3 of my friends got hacked within the first 3 weeks of release. The only solution seems to be an AUTHENTICATOR. Now, if this is the only solution Blizzard needs to ship a authenticator with every purchase.

  2. just because Blizzard is deleting posts that describe individuals getting hacked with authenticators, doesn’t mean those cases don’t exist. like I said, you’re just a fanatical fanboy who can’t take the truth if it harms your dear old blizzard. grow up kid.

  3. 1. your assumption I got hacked is completely false.
    2. Blizzard should maintain a safe service for those who pay for it. No other company blames its customers for flaws in their own security.
    3. With those fanboy goggles on, you are going to see what blizzard tells you to see.
    People like you who blindly defend your brand (so to speak) and disregard any facts that don’t come from said brand. You are completely up blizzard’s ass. And yes, people with authenticators are getting hacked.

  4. Hey, bottom line is people like you are getting hacked, people like me aren’t. There is a difference in our security habits. You believe Blizzard should take care of your security for you, I believe I should.

    And no people aren’t getting their D3 accounts hacked with authenticators. The company has made a public statement about this. You are basing your assumption off of scared people that got hacked without any visual proof. I’ll take the official statement over that.

  5. Oh, and on another note. people with authenticators are getting their accounts wiped. sure it prevents their accounts from getting keylogged, but the Session spoofing is a complete bypass. go search “Diablo 3 Session Spoof Wireshark”. or just ignore this and keep drinking the Blizzard flavored kool-aid.

  6. They are not legally obligated to tell us what is going on. thats why when you google “hacked with an authenticator” the first 5 posts have been deleted by blizzard. but ignore the facts, put on your fanboy goggles and nod like a brainless drone.

  7. Do you personally know anyone that had an authenticator that got hacked, or are you just going by d3 forums? And yes, Blizzard is legally obligated to announce a security breach. Activision-Blizzard is a publicly traded company which means they have to notify their investors about any security breaches. This is exactly why Sony gave a press release when they got hit. Have you seen a Blizzard press release warning of a breach yet?

    That’s rhetorical. The answer is no.

  8. As a side note. If session spoofing were possible, the authenticator wouldn’t protect anyone, yet people with mobile or keychain authenticators aren’t getting hacked.

  9. The session spoofing theory is false and purely rumor and has already been disproven. If reading those forum posts and googling “session spoofing” and “diablo 3 hacked” is what you consider “research”, then I would suggest redirecting your “research” towards things like “internet security” and “authenticators”

  10. IMPORTANT NOTE… I got hacked right after from the first time I wrote in general chat, I showed off an item and checked anothers item, a tiny bit after I was hacked…

    DO NOT DO THIS… BLizzard security SUCKS! 🙁 … ANd they dont give a fuck, saying I have keyloggers etc! :S

  11. they dont need your password nor count name to enter your account. just your ingame ID1234# etc

  12. no, peoples authenticators are getting bypassed. “well blizz said blah blah blah”. like they are going to admit that a security precaution that you have pay for isn’t worth a shit.

  13. As it seems they just hack you, right from the AH you get kicked and they take over.

    Its most likely even a fully automated script that simply robs any player right after another.

    Theres plenty of youtube videos that even show players “hacking” , its no joke, its ridiculous and seems to be easy enough for a bunch of guys that have no business in making a game fun, they just ruin everything.

    Sure, Blizzard has its part too, they failed in security and they fail in communication with the player

  14. I will be making an updated video on this, including prevention tactics by blizzard themselves. Subscribe and stay tuned!

  15. people are either lying about having authenticators , or they downloaded a virus and some is using “man in middle” attack.

  16. You can not have that complex of a password for
    It is not case sensitive and you can not use many special characters.

    So PassWoRD is the same as password or PASSWORD or PassworD,

  17. I only ever played this game by myself. Never interacted with anyone in the game. I also had the authenticator enabled. I STILL GOT HACKED!

  18. Thanks for the tips mr. monk. I already got hacked but i will definitely take your advice in the future. Also, I checked my friend list for unfamiliar names and found a guy named “scooper” who last played a lvl 1 barb with a name like “sdghwrtjw” or something. I’ve been in nightmare and hell for the last week so there’s no way i played with him. I reported him for harassment and I suggest all other victims of hacking do the same.

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