How to Rank Up and Earn Blood Points Fast! (Dead By Daylight Exploit)


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  1. Stupid because that too me sounds cheap as fuck and I get my points from earning them from where I live and not fake where I don't live!!

  2. we are 3 and otfen my brother comes so we are 4 but we are looking for 2 people to do this im playing killer so its ez to farm bloodpoints add me on steam :barhou barhou for more info 🙂

  3. How often you rank up usually depends on if you survive or not. It is rare for me to not rank up because I survive 19/20 games. It really isn't that difficult the problem with saving others is it puts you in danger especially if the killer is camping and in most cases only the bottom end of the spectrum get hooked in the first place so essentially you are saving someone who is not going to help you escape.

  4. I got to rank 1 by doing nothing but Altruism T-T I'm not selfish.

    In all seriousness though, how would you know if the killer was going to be a bot? Couldn't he vary well not want to farm with you?

  5. Have you found any blood point farming steam groups yourself? I don't have any friends who play this game and I don't really want to grind for a long time to get my desired perks. (:

  6. I'v went on the steam community hub a few times, and i found a bunch of discussions posted, talking about how players quitted because they're complaining about how "the killers are so OP now", what a damn bluff, because i'm a rank 7, i get matched with fucking expert jukers, and most of the perks i have are useless! Except for a few, but i only have ONE ultra rare perk, which is insidious, but it's situational, and currently, all i'm getting is shitty perks like monstrous moonshine.

  7. Nice Video man , And remember to never get triggered by comments ! Don't even reply to hate comments, those are just the people that don't want your youtube channel to grow ! 😉 thanks for the tutorial =)

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