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  1. @yodaddySAYmeeeoowww you have to do a couple things, i was using parallels
    desktop in this vid, but i have been usingVMware Fusion. They allow you to
    run windows on the mac, but you may want to get a cracked version if you
    dont want to pay for the program. then all you need is the windows disk or
    you can look up torrents for that too. but be careful cause all of them
    dont work like they say. ill make a video on how to use a torrent and one
    of the programs soon.

  2. Yes it is a mac, running parallels desktop 7. Unfortunately for me I didn’t
    actually own it and has sense stopped working. I now run bootcamp with a
    copy of windows 7 I got from the university.

  3. @iam2cool4u12 it is like just downloading like all of the file code and its
    like not the same thing u have

  4. @MrMikecall i think of mac as a more reliable product in comparison to a
    microsoft pc, windows just happens to be a different operating system like
    linux or hackintosh.

  5. When I try to download the Windows files all I get is blank papers, and I
    can’t start parallels without installing them, any suggestions?

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