How to run Sim City 4 on Mac OS X Lion, in beautiful Full HD Resolution


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  1. Ok for hidden files but, how can i’ve a simcity file on librairy/pref
    whereas I can’t install simcity ? create any files… There is a error, so
    he don’t create that lign on librairy/pref. :/

  2. If you’ve got the rush hour edition you can hold down the command-key. This
    will show up a settings-window before the game starts. You can then
    configure your custom display resolution, which will lead to the same
    effect as shown in the video. Besides I recommend you to install the
    aspire’s universal binary patch. It will make the game experience and
    performance much better than only with ppc-version.

  3. Search for “SimCity 4 – Herzbuben Wiki” in google in order to find a
    installation guide for the universal binary patch

  4. Try the link I posted in the description, it is a widget to turn on “show
    hidden files” in the Mac Finder.

  5. How can I install this windows game to the Mac< there is only a .exe install file and that don't run on Mac as I recall

  6. boas João, saquei do torrent um simcity mas não consigo instala-lo,
    podes-me dar uma ajudinha?:// não me deixa
    abrir nenhum ficheiro e não consigo po-lo a correr!!! abraço

  7. HELP mine says this… You can’t open the application “SimCity 4 Rush Hour”
    because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

  8. Try isohunt it looks dodgy but t’s a great database for torrents. You’ll
    need a torrent client like uTorrent.

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