HOW TO: Service an Onan RV Generator

HOW TO: Service an Onan RV Generator

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  1. Here’s a TIP ; Replace the oil plug with a 3/8 “Bull Plug” it has a square fitting to turn it with and you can use a 3/8 ratchet extension in reverse to remove!! Mine stripped off…….NOT AGAIN!

  2. I could hug you guys!! My used coach came without all the manuals and your videos have helped me to feel like I can fix anything! Thanks

  3. Don’t use penetrating oil on the spark arrestor… it’s part of the exhaust system and could start a fire! The only reason I would use it on the oil drain plug is if it won’t come out without it. I plan to do a fuel filter video next time I change it (sorry… not til next year), but definitely check out our video about servicing the genset cooling system. The fuel filter requires a drain pan to catch excess fuel, and a vise grips to clamp the hose. The forums should be a good resource.

  4. Great DYI videos, use them all the time. We bought our coach used and it was neglected and we have been working on it to get back in shape. Ready to service the Genset, i.e. oil, fuel and air cleaner. Should I spray some penetrating oil on the spark arrestor and oil drain plug before trying to remove them? You did not address the fuel fiilter,is there any thing I should watch our for? Coolant is next

  5. what to do when drain plug is stripped? we need to change the oil before we can turn on the onan, it shut itself down a while ago and when we went to do the maintenance we could not get the plug there it sits.we think the plug is aluminum…it has a square head not a hex and the edges are stripped. if anyone wants to buy it, and work on it, its a 2002 National tradewinds 39 ft. 2 tvs, garden bath/shower, leather furniture, 2 slide outs [bed and LR/kit] in box me here. not spamming fed up

  6. All of your videos are informative and so very well presented. You certainly fill a need for us first time rv novices!

  7. Thanks for educating us. never really worked on generator before. my husband will have another honey do. oh no!

  8. Excellent video! Loved the socket trick. I had an oldtimer tell me if you also tape that arrestor plug to the socket,with a wrap og electrical for instance,that it helps you “feel” if its going in straight, to prevent cross threading. I also wonder if a wire brush once around prior to final install of it,would help get rid of any remaining chunks of carbon that would get in the way of a smooth rethreading. anyway,nice job.I’m trouble shooting an old Kohler at the moment from my 90 cheiftain.

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