How to: Set up local co-op in Divinity Original Sin 2


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  1. Well Made video, i’ll make that subcount 28 can’t understand How you only have 27 subs. But i’ll notice you senpai

  2. Hey I was wondering if you could help me. I'm trying to play local coop but each time that I connect both of my controllers either using wireless or a cable my second controller has the same inputs than the first one so I can't click start to select a second profile. I've been trying for more than two hours if someone know how I can connect two controllers and play !!!

  3. I have one very important question. Why is the party split between two players? How come there can't be one party with both members? It really annoys me.

  4. Thanks for this ! Just finished Divinity 1 on PS4 (Coop) and it was so good that I think I want to buy a PC to play the 2nd one !
    Question though : once it's set in split screen, does it play well with controllers ? I mean, do the menus and controls are optimized for gamepad? Or do you need two sets of heyboard / mouse ? (which wouldn't be very convenient)

  5. Apparently 4 local player coop doesn't work.

    2? yes.
    4? no

    When me and my friends plugged all 4 in, and set up 4 different profiles, like the video shows. After starting singleplayer story mode, the game's screen glitches and there is still only 2 screens, but because there are 4 players, most of them are squeezed in one half of the split, and the other half is a player in limbo.

    It's messed up.

    the screens go absolutely crazy when trying 4 players.

    Can someone help me please?

  6. @Nebulaterous +Nebulaterous

    could you please tell me what software, hardware and or steps did you have to take to have 2 ps4 controllers working properly? I'm using DS4 + Playstation Dongle and not only I can't have them working wirelessly, it takes ages before they sync up properly and in game I have XBOX icons instead of PS4. I would be super greatful if you could help me out with this one. I would love to play this with my wife but since we can't play wirelessly I can't convice her to sit for X hours in front of my desk…

  7. Thanks for the video, I had no clue how to play co-op with this, now maybe I can get my boyfriend into this game, lol.

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