How to spawn a Phoenix w/ console commands


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How to spawn a Phoenix w/ console commandswas extracted from

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  1. cheat gmsummon "phoenix_character_bp_c" 1 (level 1 to be changed to w/e the hell you want. LETS RIIIIDE)

  2. If you want it to be better, you can just spawn it at a low level and upgrade it yourself so you get to use the upgrade points.

  3. They can collect and gather up stone and wood and cook your meet on its inventory they are awesome

  4. After you typed the c'' <– dont press spacebar like this: c'' 100 <– wrong c''100 <—- works.

  5. How to spawn in bokito or Stuff when ark abberaison comes out show us how to spawn the animals and weapons and clothing,Tools,Food, and everything ok

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