How To Spawn All Bosses In Terraria!!! (PC, Console, Mobile)


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  1. does somebody know a better weapon then sunfury? because I need to beat wall of flesh and he's the only boss I have left to kill in easy mode. also, is there any armor better than crimson? I already have maximum crystal hearts as well.

  2. I subbed just because everyone is clueless oboist the cultist not being on console and mobile and I thought it was so silly lol

  3. in the current state of my main world, I cant survive in the underworld very long. also, do I need better than a platinum pickaxe to mine heckstone?

  4. is it a chance the cultist will spawn on console? i defeted golom before and it wont let me spawn him again. i went to the temple and they werent there.

  5. I attacked the twins with a copper shortsword and I made them disappear

    I died, they despawned

  6. pls someone help me. I play on the android version and I won all the mechanical bosses but I can't find plantera's bulb neither the lizard temple at I have search the whole underground world and I still can't find them. then I created a new one and I searched for the temple and still nothing. I have the newest version. I will be very thankful if someone knows how to solve my problem

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