how to spawn in a Tek Quetzal in ark xbox one


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how to spawn in a Tek Quetzal in ark xbox onewas extracted from

how to spawn in a Tek Quetzal in ark xbox one
how to spawn in a quetzal in ark is easy when you know how and this video will show you.

how to spawn in a tek quetzal is a good command if you wanna have a flying tank in your team. the tek quetzal command is a short command that will only take a sec to in put.

you can find tek quetzal ragnarok all around the map however it might take you a bit of time to find one so with tek quetzal command don’t bother hunting around for one!
how to spawn a quetzal in ark xbox one 2018 / 2019 still works guys !!
console commands ark survival evolved is a good way to boosted your game play.

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How to Spawn in a tek quetzal in ark xbox one

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  1. A fast way for Xbox is gmsummon "bionicquetz_character_bp_c" level u want

    P.s this was helpful b/c I got the command idea from it so thx

  2. I hope you know there is literally an app for all this and that the videos are pointless coz you can just copy paste commands from the app

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