How to Speed Up / Slow Down Any Game! [Cheat Engine 6.5 | Speedhack]


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  1. Dude you are a GOD. Thank you very much. This has helped me around AC Unity since I couldnt cross (like many others) the mission with Bellec. So thanks again, i will try out this with some other games as well :*

  2. I used the speed hack for Sonic Mania to get the Triple Trouble achievement in the Mean Bean Machine mini-game by slowing it down because it's too fast for me and it's normally brutally difficult to decide where the beans should fall so Cheat Engine really helped me, I've used Cheat Engine before but I never knew it can be used to hack the game speed as well. This video was so helpful. 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. I used this engine to speed up the first mission of Darkest Dungeon on bloomoon difficulty, no light. It's one of those games with frontloaded difficulty, having a good start is very important.

  4. I thought a "speedhack" was something entirely different. Namely speeding up or slowing down the players movement (like trying to hack Dishonored 2's insane default walk speed).

  5. I wonder if this would work with Anno 1404 Multiplayer. Anyone tried this? I will try when I'll get home.

  6. Thank you so much
    I tried it on Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, I didn't play it back before, so I want to complete it as fast as I can

  7. Nice……Geometry Dash….slow it down….perfect example…..Hey man, Im 60 and my reflexes …well ….they're heading south …along with my hair….Thanks….I feel like a kid again

  8. CheatEngine speedhack is better than nothing but useless since it delays the mouse/keyboard inputs too so it's impossible to execute pixel perfect movement during slow downs.

  9. Thank you. Pokemon Uranium is such a great game, but it takes forever to just talk and move. Flipped it up to 2 and the game is way better.

  10. LEGEND. Easy to follow, simple video. Love it. 10/10.
    I used this to replay Life Is Strange. Without this hack, you have to sit through every extended cut-scene each time you play. Barf.

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