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Today we are going to learn how to disable fly mode in Ark: Survival Evolved. On occasion, you might find it useful to use the admin command to fly. This will help you reach difficult heights, and even recover dinosaurs that have been lost to the sky. To fly, you need to access the admin console command box by hitting start. Once in the start screen, you should hit left bumper, right bumper, X & Y at the same time to bring up the command box. Then type in the following command:

admincheat fly

This will put your character into fly mode and you can reach the stars. To disable this mode, you need to type in:

admincheat walk

This will put your feet back on the ground, but you have to be careful. If you are too high off the ground when disabling fly mode, you will hurdle towards the earth, and likely hurt your self (or even die). When done correctly, you can safely stop flying and go about your business.


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  2. i made my dino fly and i wanted him to stop and this video helped (the reason i wanted him to stop is because i was putting him on my titanosaur)

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