HOW TO STOP Revokes On Tweakbox, AppValley, Ignition & More!! (No Computer/Jailbreak)


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Spymyfone –
It is a is a powerful phone spy app that is used to conveniently spy your kids’ or families’ cell phones, including android phones, tablets iPhone or iPad.

In this video we look at how to stop your favourite apps getting revoked by Apple. Now that Tweakbox, Ignition and AppValley are all working this is a must have app that will stop the apps getting revoked in future!


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  1. So if we turn it off our apps will get revoked? Do we have leave the vpn on at all times?

  2. If I use igniation do I have to redownload it or will this protect my already downloaded ignition

  3. How do I get notes to appear on iCloud step as I got the notes toggled on iCloud but it’s not there help pls

  4. The downside with this is your cpu will be maxed out most of the time, as I’m typing this my cpu clock has been at 2ghz and over 60% usage for days now, so your battery’s gonna die quicker, your games will lag(3D ones mostly) and your phone gets hot quicker

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