How to Unlock every Hair and Facial style in Ark Survival Evolved Guide as well as everything Hair


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How to Unlock every Hair and Facial style in Ark Survival Evolved Guide as well as everything Hairwas extracted from

The most current up to date guide on everything hair in Ark Survival Evolved. From how to get all the styles as well as other key information you need to know about it.
Time Stamps

Everything you need to know about hair 0:20
How to unlock every style 2:20
Admin commands 3:31
The Teleport commands to the explorer notes. You must also kill the 4 bosses on the island as well


For Everything such as Cave TP commands, Hairstyle commands and other key info, please refer to the pinned post.(this is due to the word count in descriptions)
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  1. I didn't spawn in the hairstyle romantic but I did spawn in an argentavis and a saddle so I could get 80% of the map and when I got what clearly appeared to be at least 80% if not more of the map I didn't unlock it, is this because I used admin commands?

  2. So i explore the island 81 % for the exploring notes do i have to finish the other note in other maps to get 100% altogether or is 81% just for the island i got every note in the island o.o please help

  3. For the curly beard do you need to be on an official server or singleplayer? can you get it by getting level 100 on a custom server?

  4. I unlocked the romantic Hairstyle on my single player world then I made a new character on my friends world and I still had the whole map discovered but I didn't have to new hairstyle and I play on Xbox one so is it a glitch or can i just not get it anymore?

  5. Hey does it work like if I go on a single player and use admin commands to unlock them, then in a official server it'll be unlocked aswell?

  6. Before you comment some additional information that may help you. Such as admin commands, troubleshooting tips and more

    Since the post of this video, some new information regarding certain notes has come to light

    1) You only need to obtain the Island Explorer notes to obtain the Viking Hair and Facial style

    2) For the Braids and curly beard styles, for those struggling to obtain them legitimately, you can use a series of admin commands to help you Unlock the skin permanently

    To obtain it via admin commands you must use these 3 commands

    cheat playercommand Ascend3 (gives you the Island's max rank of 120)

    cheat playercommand AbAscend3 (gives you the Aberration's max rank of 135)
    cheat addexperience 9999999999 1 1

    Once you have used all 3 commands, all you need to do is to apply those 134 levels and once you hit 135, you will unlock those hair styles allowing you to respawn and spawn with the skin.

    Best Practice to do this is
    Activate the Island command > Jump to AB > download your character > use the Ab command > Re launch AB > download your character > Experience command > Max level your character

    Note that once you use the Ascend command, you will be sent to the main menu and your character will be automatically uploaded

    Hair admin spawn commands

    Hair Styles

    Mohawk f
    Gfi head_mohawk 1 0 0 0

    Gfi head_afro 1 0 0

    Gfi head_romantic 1 0 0

    gfi Head_dreadlocks 1 0 0

    gfi head_ponytail 1 0 0

    gfi head_braids 1 0 0

    gfi head_viking 1 0 0

    Facial hair

    gfi Facial_Moustache 1 0 0

    gfi Facial_Goatee 1 0 0

    gfi Facial_Romantic 1 0 0

    dread beard
    gfi Facial_Dreadbeard 1 0 0

    mutton chops
    gfi Facial_MuttonChops 1 0 0

    curly beared
    gfi Facial_CurlyBeard 1 0 0

    viking bear
    gfi Facial_VikingBeard 1 0 0

    SetFacialHairPercent <Length>
    0 = 0%
    0.5 =50%
    1 = 100%

    SetFacialHairStyle <Number>
    0 Default
    1 Moustache
    2 Goatee
    3 Romantic
    4 Dread Beard
    5 Mutton Chops
    6 Curly Beard
    7 Viking Beard

    SetHeadHairStyle <Number>
    Number Facial Hairstyle
    0 Default
    1 Mohawk
    2 Afro
    3 Romantic
    4 Dreadlocks
    5 Ponytail
    6 Braids
    7 Viking
    0 = 0%
    0.5 =50%
    1 = 100%

    Cave Teleport locations Island

    Artifact of the Clever Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos -24047 -67410 63

    Artifact of the Skylord Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos -247497 -246036 -11054

    Artifact of the Hunter Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos 28729 241755 -13201

    Artifact of the Massive Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos 289348 165376 -14044

    Artifact of the Devourer Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos 283710 -281709 -13562

    Artifact of the Pack Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos 49382 146950 -13659

    Artifact of the Strong Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos -143671 -164485 40

    Artifact of the Immune Cave Entrance
    cheat setplayerpos -102298 101496 -5274

    Artifact Of The Brute Caverns of Lost Faith Entrance (Underwater)
    cheat setplayerpos -316815 29622 -40123

    Artifact Of The Cunning Caverns of Lost Hope Entrance (Underwater)
    cheat setplayerpos 311235 -32866 -31059

    Scorched Earth

    Artifact Of The Crag (Cave Entrance)
    cheat setplayerpos -165600 -172000 15700

    Artifact Of The Gatekeeper (Cave Entrance)
    cheat setplayerpos -18400 68800 -14900

    Artifact Of The Destroyer (Cave Entrance)
    cheat setplayerpos 204800 228000 -1520


    Artifact Of The Depths Cave (Entrance)
    cheat setplayerpos -182400 -13600 43100

    Artifact Of The Shadows Cave Entrance
    cheat SetPlayerPos 126287 42588 18763

    Artifact Of The Stalker Cave Entrance
    cheat SetPlayerPos -14400 257600 13344

    So with the Artifact’s you have to collect them all in order to get the achievement now it is recommend to collected them via TP to cave entrance and make your way to the cave as if you TP to the Artifact it can cause the Artifact to despawn and if you are on single player then you will have a 30 minute cooldown


    If you load into your world either on Official or Player dedicated or single player and your skins are not there. Not to worry the steps to fix this are
    Kill your character and respawn
    log in and out of the world
    or restart the game

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