How to Unlock the Corrupted Avatar Skins in Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Chronicles, Xbox one, PS4


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In this video, I will show you where all HLNA Explorer notes realised in the Genesis Chronicles in Ark Survival Evolved. The maps we will be needed for this are Island, Scorched Earth and Aberration and Extinction. Upon collecting all 15 notes you will be given the Corrupted Avatar Skin Set as permanent unlock allowing you respawn/spawn with them every time.

❗ Important information ❗


You get HLNA by purchasing the Genesis season pass.

You can do this in singleplayer

Island has 3 Notes
Scorched has 4 Notes
Aberration has 4 Notes
Extinction has 4 Notes

📌 (after collecting all notes 1,2,3,4,5 you will unlock the Corrupted Avatar Helmet)

HLN-A Discovery #1 (The Island) 0:00
Found in the Lava Cave (68.7, 86.1).
Setplayerpos 288705 149985 -24538
Cave Entrance 70.6° Lat, 86.1° Lon

HLN-A Discovery #2 (The Island) 0:45
Found in the Upper South Cave (70.3, 59.3).
Setplayerpos 74574 162658 -25052
Cave Entrance 68.2° Lat, 56.2° Lon

HLN-A Discovery #3 (The Island) 1:38
Found in the Snow Cave (28.1, 27.7).
Setplayerpos -177468 -178260 -6520
Cave Entrance 29.1° Lat, 31.8° Lon

HLN-A Discovery #4 (Scorched Earth) 2:22
Found in the Old Tunnels (56.6, 44.5).
Setplayerpos -43178 54540 -20847
Cave Entrance 58.6° Lat, 47.7° Lon

HLN-A Discovery #5 (Scorched Earth) 3:03
Found in the Ruins of Nosti (76.3, 79.5).
Setplayerpos 237273 211303 -31770
Cave Entrance 78.5° Lat, 75.6° Lon

📌 (after collecting the next 5 notes 6,7,8,9,10 you unlock the Corrupted Avatar Pants & Boots)

HLN-A Discovery #6 (Scorched Earth) 3:55
Found in the Northern Canyons (40.3, 47.8).
cheat SetPlayerPos -18150 -78938 -11386

HLN-A Discovery #7 (Scorched Earth) 4:17
Found in the Southern East Badlands (57.0, 56.2).
cheat SetPlayerPos 49943 53605 -11112

HLN-A Discovery #8 (Aberration) 4:36
Found in the Luminous Marshlands (37.1, 60.3).
cheat SetPlayerPos 82937 -102481 19887
Land Bridge path from green Lat 37.3 Lon 51.5

HLN-A Discovery #9 (Aberration) 5:06
Found in The Spine (68.0, 66.0).
cheat SetPlayerPos 127969 144618 634

HLN-A Discovery #10 (Aberration) 6:42
Found in the Mushroom Forest (27.8, 46.7).
cheat SetPlayerPos -26513 -176447 37010

📌 (after collecting the next 5 notes 11,12,13,14,15 you unlock the Corrupted Avatar Chest and Glove skins)

HLN-A Discovery #11 (Aberration) 7:26
Found in The Surface – Northeast (28.0, 76.1).
cheat SetPlayerPos 209339 -175878 57581

HLN-A Discovery #12 (Extinction) 9:13
Found in The Sweeping Spires (84.9, 16.0).
cheat SetPlayerPos -271476 279528 -44312

HLN-A Discovery #13 (Extinction) 9:38
Found in the Wasteland (27.6, 16.0).
cheat SetPlayerPos -271252 -178417 -23748

HLN-A Discovery #14 (Extinction) 10:04
Found in Forbidden Zone (13.2, 57.5)
cheat SetPlayerPos 60172 -293690 14910

HLN-A Discovery #15 (Extinction) 10:30
Found in The Trench (53.1, 76.4).
cheat SetPlayerPos 211743 25233 -44393

📌Spawn commands
cheat GFI Gen1AvatarHelmet 1 0 0
cheat GFI Gen1AvatarShirt 1 0 0
cheat GFI Gen1AvatarGloves 1 0 0
cheat GFI Gen1AvatarPants 1 0 0
cheat GFI Gen1AvatartBoots 1 0 0

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Translated titles:
Cómo desbloquear las máscaras de avatar corruptas en Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Chronicles, Xbox

So entsperren Sie die beschädigten Avatar-Skins in Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Chronicles, Xbox On

Comment débloquer les skins d’avatar corrompus dans Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Chronicles, Xbox O

Como desbloquear as skins de avatar corrompidas em Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Chronicles, Xbox one

Hoe de beschadigde Avatar Skins te ontgrendelen in Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Chronicles, Xbox One


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  1. So, you didn’t unlock skins even after doing all the work of getting the notes? Don’t worry your not alone, due to the state of the game the issue stems from a bug in the game which causes this issue for some players.
    Below is a list of strategies used by the community to help resolve the issue but please keep in mind that these methods may not work for you and if that the case, unless you take extreme measures like wiping all your data and starting again, you will need to wait for Wild Card to fix there game.

    Strategies to help recover lost skins

    Method 1

    Log in and out of the world and the die and respawn.

    Method 2

    Close the game and reload up the world the die and respawn

    Method 3

    Step 1 when in-game press start and head to options

    Step 2 locate the setting (Default Survivor items/ give Default Survivor items)

    Step 3 make sure that is turned on

    Step 4 turn it off, save, die and respawn

    Step 5 turn it on, save, die and respawn.

    Coming to a close here is some last-minute tips for you

    1) It is recommended to collect the notes in single-player, for various reasons such as the ability to teleport to the note and it also seems less likely to bug in SP.

    2) You don’t need to use the same character to collect the notes

  2. What happens If I get all of them apart from the ones on aberration, will i get anything? I do on plan on buying, just wondering if it's something I could do in the mean time.

  3. If I need to have my HLNA equipped but my single player character isn't spawning with HER I have Genesis pre-owned and get HLNA on official but my single-player ISENT getting her

  4. Here’s an important question I have: upon unlocking all the skins in single player or dedicated session, are they redeemed and can be used on official as well?

  5. There is something that I dont like about the new genesis chronicles, I bought Genesis, and yet I cant get any of the skins due to all of them being on other DLC content, I am kinda runnin low on money at the moment, and my friend bought me genesis, but I cant get any of the skins due to me not having other dlc, I dont like that, kinda ruins the point of the corrupted items, when people who havent bought the other DLC's due to certain reasons, cant get the skins that they paid for. Not really a rant, just wanting to say something for people who want to buy Genesis, but dont have the Other DLC's.

  6. I have a question. Do you know any nice pvp server becouse me and my friends wants to have some fun we dont have enough Time to play on offcical server So we are looking for an unofficial sessions. Thank you for all your vids they helped me and y friends a lot.have a good Day

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