How to Unlock the Corrupted Gloves in Ark Survival Evolved Extinction Chronicles V & note locations


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Quick guide to showing you how to obtain the corrupted gloves in Ark Survival Evolved

Island cheat setplayerpos -204766 313693 -11034
SE cheat setplayerpos -162671 -205009 17935
AB cheat setplayerpos 158488 279949 41154
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  1. BEFORE YOU COMMENT, here is some useful information regarding the corrupt skin set and may help you with your issue.


    If this is the case don't worry you’re not alone, here are some reasons to why this may be the case as well as some strategies used by the community to help obtain the notes in the past if you have trouble obtaining it.

    Reason 1
    There are is a bug when it comes to these notes and can be caused but not limited to.

    A) you got all the notes but did not unlock the skin
    B) You ran into the notes or were riding a dino when you got the notes
    C) you got the skin but when you re log in you no longer have the note.

    Due to this the game will say you got it but in turn believes you never opened the note even though you did. Due to this it does not register you unlocking it. Hence how these Bugs can occur

    Strategies to fix this are
    I. log out of the world and re log back in
    II. Restart the game
    III. Uninstall and reinstall the game (recommend by my friend Th3friek Gaming who had these issues)
    IV. solution kill your character and respawn

    Reason 2
    Your save file is corrupt. For some unlucky people there save file is corrupt now this can occur for some people who were here from early access or the account you use to play you made it run as a dedicated server which in turn corrupted the file.

    Solutions to fix this are Delete the player data associated with the account. For example, kill your character and spawn as a fresh level 1 or delete your single map player data. In doing this your fresh character will be able to get note and skins associated with it. (Do note doing this will make you have to start from level 1 again and kick you out of any tribe you were in)

    It is recommended to get the notes in single player so should an issue occur you can deal with it and it should not affect your official or player dedicated server


    To load up your single player world and obtain them. Once unlocked head to your official or dedicated or single player world. Kill your character and respawn and the skins will spawn in your inventory as well as any server you join in the future.

    You do not need to transfer to all the maps rather.
    1. Load up your SP world eg island
    2. Grab the note
    3. exit world
    4. load up next world for example Scorched or Aberration
    5. Follow steps 1-4 until you have the notes on all 3 maps Island, Scorched and Aberration
    6. You now have unlocked the Skins congrats


    You do not need to collect all the notes only the ones associated with the skin piece you want

    Notes 1-3 Helmet
    Notes 4-6 Boots
    Notes 7-9 Pants
    Notes 10-12 chest
    Notes 13-15 Gloves

    Once the Extinction Chronicles Ends In November 2018 you will still be able to obtain all the notes and the skins associate with them

    Unlocking the Skin allows you to spawn with it on any server and Respawn with it. Spawning it WILL NOT UNLOCK IT rather you will only have the skin on that world.


    Cheat gfi CorruptedHelmet 1 0 0
    Cheat gfi corruptedboots 1 0 0
    Cheat gfi CorruptedPants 1 0 0
    Cheat gfi corruptedshirt 1 0 0
    Cheat gfi CorruptedGloves 1 0 0


    Notes 1-3 Head
    island Overseer Cords (This will activate Gamma Level Boss) cheat setplayerpos 216576 -239379 -115482
    Scorched Earth Manticore (will not activate Boss) cheat setplayerpos -2648 7921 -148255
    Aberration Rockwell Boss (will not Activate Boss) cheat setplayerpos -301600 299200 -215800

    Note, I do not recommended teleporting into the boss ones as it has a chance to glitch and you will have to use the strategies mentioned earlier to fix it. I recommend to spawn in the boss tributes in SP and get to the Arena, get the note and then either kill boss or let it kill you.

    Notes 1-6 boots
    Island: cheat setplayerpos 232375 -110794 11557
    Scorched Earth: cheat setplayerpos 92205 106093 -12556
    Abberation: cheat setplayerpos 67557 -164599 60812

    Notes 1-9 Pants
    Island cheat setplayerpos 83604 205005 -10926
    Scorched cheat setplayerpos -164877 106686 1471
    Aberration cheat setplayerpos -225882 -19170 81678

    Notes 10-12 chest
    Island cheat setplayerpos -210817 -45165 -3933
    Scorched cheat setplayerpos 49770 -154557 -7347
    Aberration cheat setplayerpos -29070 152980 13143

    Notes 13-15 Gloves
    Island cheat setplayerpos -204766 313693 -11034
    SE cheat setplayerpos -162671 -205009 17935
    AB cheat setplayerpos 158488 279949 41154

    These codes work on Xbox and PC, however since I don’t have a PS4 I am unable to confirm if they work on that system.

    I hope this helps and should you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

  2. I got a problem with corrupted gloved and basically when i have them on they don't seem to have much graphics, like my characters hands is like shaped like a triangle or something how do i fix it to make look normal or something with the gloves on

  3. Thanks for what you do to get us the locations so we can finally become Corrupted. Good job dude

  4. Quick and easy i love it. Props to the first video i could find. I dropped a like and sucribed with bell notifications.

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