How to UPDATE Plenix Clash! 100% WORKS


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  1. Check my new video on this! It’s on my channel videos! Guys this will not always work as this is the only way to update the game so if it doesn't work disliking the video wont help so If you dont dislike then thanks 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s just a small update that takes 2-3 days or maybe they are making something amazing! So if you dislike the video there is really no point of blaming the on me the 11 people that liked knew that it was not my fault so they liked even though it did not work

  3. Guys! I have just realised that sometimes it seems to shut the servers down to update it! As now the time is 16th of July and it is working! Try it on this date and if it does not work after this date wait until it updates!

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