How to Upgrade From Pirated Windows to Legitimate Windows 10


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Free windows10activationkey is ready for download

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How to Upgrade From Pirated Windows to Legitimate Windows 10

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There is no reason to use pirated version of windows 10 when you can buy a legitimate key from a legitimate source. If you have just brought a old used PC and you know its a pirated version, then buy yourself a key and activate it. You can also do a fresh install of windows and use that key as well.

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  1. What is confusing me is that if I go to Microsoft's own website and click to buy Windows 10 Pro the price given is €259.00…. Now why in the name of all that is holy would someone pay this when they could just download a pirated copy and follow this tutorial (cannot find where to download Windows for free on Microsoft's site)

  2. How is that an upgrade? I mean it's not a downgrade either, and I can see why some people might prefer to, but it's still the same exact OS.

  3. what if it doesnt say anything about upgrading after i type in my windows 10 pro key?

    i have pirated windows since 2018 august, what do i do please help, i also tried downloading windows 10 from microsoft site before typing in windows 10 pro key and it worked, then i went to updates and clicked start updating, 3 days past nothing changes it sits on 0% with no progress

  4. Hi, will the valid key from this site for Windows 10 be guaranteed to keep working, as I have heard like those cheap keys on ebay and the like can be de-activated.,

  5. isn't Windows 10 about 200$? on the Microsoft site that is what it appears to be priced at. so i would not trust some thing under 70$ as Legit. if Microsoft would reduce their prices to 70$ and those 20 to 30$ keys would be floating around, it would make them more Legit… 200$ is unbuyable and 20$ is untrustworthy… quite the dilemma!

  6. @britec09 Please help i got my pc made a while back and when ever i tried to upgrade to windows 10 pro with a new windows 10 pro key it comes up with this error code '0x80070057' how do i resolve this code? im currently using windows 10 home.
    Hopefully you see this and thanks in advance

  7. Thank you so much for the information just purchased a activation key . and it just got updated super easy

  8. since you recommended this company I always buy for my customer and always work. very good company and a really very good price. thanks, Brian.

  9. PURE BULL!!! I have purchased 5 seperate programs from these bums and every single one shut down after less than a day identifying it as pirated software. They NEVER answer inquiries and that so called 24 hour help line is never answered. I am surprised you still promote such a dishonest company; it certainly doesn't do your reputation any good.

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