How to use cheat engine on Dead by Daylight for 1.7+


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  1. i am heaving a problem,when i select in cheat engine dead by daylight,it pops out a small window with the text:"access violation".PLS HELP ME!!!!

  2. Is there any way i can downgrade my blood points, the method worked 100% i have now 41million, but is there anyway i can reset those blood point because the game really sucks with all this amount of blood points, its better when u work hard to level up

  3. I can confirm that this does work on 1.8.2 and it will probably still work after that but i will keep everyone updated. Also remember to like and subscribe.

  4. Can you make an updated version I did all this but it still says access violation but it worked before, I think there was an update

  5. Acces violation , i did everything delete easy anti cheat folder , disable in task manager help me pls

  6. they didnt let me join the game after i hacked…… i have tried to join the lobby but couldnt can somebody help me ?

  7. I did delete the EAC folder, i did make the rule in the firewall, i unchecked the steam cloud save, but when i start the game, EAC folder is recreating and then i get a "DbD Crash Reporter" for some access violation. If i try to kill the "EAC process" when i clic play it closes the first window and the game doesn't load either

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