How to use Cheat Tables (.CT Files) to Cheat in PC Games [Cheat Engine Tutorial]


FileSize: 30 MB

Free civilization6cheatenginetable is ready for download

How to use Cheat Tables (.CT Files) to Cheat in PC Games [Cheat Engine Tutorial]was extracted from


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  1. hy there, i downloaded one for warcraft 3 and when i try to use it i cannot find the addresses it in the address bracket "p->????????" so i cannot change the values, can you help please?

  2. what really pisses me off none of these cheat engine people ever explain how to get the options put into the cheat table? anyone else fucking notice that fucking god damn fucking shit?

  3. Btw guys some online games will not work if the values are server side. In order to change those, you would have to do some serious hacking. What you can do is change the client side value before it is sent to the server. Be aware some games detect this though.

  4. Hey ppl! I'm wondering if you can help. I'm looking for a cheat program that I can't remember the name of. It was basically a massive collection of game trainers all put inside a program that automatically detected what games you have installed on your system. And you can use it to start your games and use the hotkeys to activate each cheat in the list. The program's main color themes were blue and white, it had a list of all the games it could hack on the left, and when you selected one of the games from the list on the left, a list with all the available cheats and corresponding hotkeys would appear on the right. Thanks!

  5. still waiting for a free roam with all challenges etc intact!!!! just like with the prev. game…. COME ON GUYS! i'm just NOT smart enough myself to make it ;)

  6. hey man i have tables for the game one piece pirate woriors 3 but it didn't work is there a way to activate them or what plz help

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