How to use iFunbox (for Windows and Mac)

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  1. Helloo there, i need some help.
    i am trying to hack a game but i cannot see the ifunbox classic tab in ifunbox, i see file browser tab and there i cannot do anything to change the documents.  
    Can you please help?

  2. When i go on to user Applications and click on an application it goes back to the homepage of ifunbox..HELPPPPPPP

  3. when i plug it also saids no devie onneted why? sorry my letter si (like after letter b) won't work

  4.  i know this comment is really late but can i use ifun box without having any of apple devices? like i wanna play boom beach but i dont have any of apple devices so i wanna play it on ifun box.. so is that possible?

  5. Sorry I really needed to watch this but could not as the audio is just unbearable to listen too. Thanks for unloading anyway. 

  6. how come I open it, its pluged into my computer but it says not device connected!!

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