How to use the GTS properly in order to get the pokemon you want.

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How to use the GTS properly in order to get the pokemon you want.was extracted from


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  1. looking for a 6 iv ditto. Reply, Ill give you offers, we can go back and forth, then ill give my id. Not looking to be a jerk or make unfair deals.

  2. I actually managed to get a shiny Yveltal on the GTS for a female Hippowdon. All you have to do is say it's shiny and wait about an hour.

  3. A tip how i use GTS first i get a larion or aron ask it for a Uxie when you have uxie set uxie in for mesprit set mesprit in for one of the legendary dogs and then a dialga and then choose whice legend you want :D

  4. But I want a Level 100 Shiny Genesect with perfect IVs with a Zigzagoon I caught on Route 101 that took like 20 seconds to get!

  5. I need a mew, celebi and jirachi. Basically some of the event pokemon from the 20th aniversary

    Anyone that is like me and has more then one game and more then 1 DS that used the mystery gift for both of them, pls spare 1

  6. looking for sheer force totodile, flash fire cyndaquil and contrary snivy If anyone has any breedjects laying around.

  7. Check the gts I got brings for sing frokie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or trade me friend code is 534418920484

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