How to use the Summoners War Rune Optimizer Windows 10 App


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  1. Thanks for doing this man! I used a much older version way back, and this one confused me a little initially, until I found your video!
    A quick tip for those looking to use the tool for long-term use:
    – When doing rune locks after finishing a build, Unlock > Equip > Lock. This ensures the runes you replaced will then be in your inventory unlocked and ready to be included in following builds.

  2. Dude, whenever i used the optimizer it shows "NaN" on the speed column. Also when i click the optimized build on the rune ID it does not show the new rune build. help please.

  3. amazing video! I did the import/export rune information and came straight to youtube to look for a tutorial on how to use this website. video is very informative and detailed. one question outside of this tutorial though. you mentioned that certain substats do not go well with certain primary stat. for example, you said

    "… a slot 4 hero destroy CritD rune with CritR, ATK%, and
    flat HP sub-stats I will keep because the CritR and ATK% works with
    CritD, even on a destroy rune (pointless rune set). If it had HP%, flat
    DEF, and flat HP, I would sell it because the sub-stats don't go well
    CritD, even if it were Violent."

    besides this point, what other ways do you grade your runes? i have been collecting alot of runes over time and not sure if i'm keeping the right ones and don't even know why i'm keeping it lol maybe just because the substats has more % on it. some players i know will keep it if it has spd substat in it. could you share some tips on how i know if a rune is worth keeping? thanks alot Malix11! keep up the good work!


  4. thanks for the vid;)! Would you recommend to run the program using win10 via Virtualbox though?
    I'm running win7 still, don't wanna change it to10…Own kind of a mediocre PC, so I'm not sure what to do.
    Currently I use still the website, wich basically works the same as the app, but it's horribly slow most of the time,
    so, wonder if a virtualbox-simulation would help me out there a bit? Any Help would be appreciated…

  5. Thank you for this tutorial. What kind of PC is neededfor this app? I'm running into issues where certain optimizations take really long (like over 20 minutes) then the app just closes…example..rage set only ..atk/cdmg/atk, crit minimum 70%, all runes available (534 currently). My pc has an amd phenom 9750 quad core 2.4ghz, 4gb ram, 64bit processor

  6. Could you comment on the "Speed tune" and "Totem" drop downs? Not really sure what these do… Help this dummy. 🙂

  7. Hi!
    nice video malix11,
    i have a question for you.
    the process to take the information and use in this program, is a reason for come2us ban my acount?
     (sorry i have a bad english)

  8. Very helpful, took me hours trying to figure this out till i saw your vid.

    Though for some reason, when i tweaked it to focus mostly on spd for bernard the options it gave me were actually worse.
    ex. My bernard is 255 but the best it gave was 236
    Same with DD builds, even when i put crit rate on focus, it made it worse or it didn't focus on it at all.(60 crit rate > 34 and below)

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