How to watch old dota replays on 1.24e and how to switch between the patch versions!


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How to watch old dota replays on 1.24e and how to switch between the patch versions!was extracted from


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  1. when i open wvs……. couldn’t find warcraft in: the program wont’t work
    until it knows where warcraft is located. please select manualy. then
    restart wvs! plz help me i want to play new maps.-.-tnx

  2. yo how does this work with the crack/ no-cd files war3.exe ? do you have to
    get each version’s no-cd and then say ‘store current version’?

  3. You solved the problem? 🙂 tnx if you didn’t try in this way 🙂 – Download
    Warcraft Version Switcher v1.24c from the link given above. – After
    downloading, Extract it to any folder. – Open Wvs.exe from the folder where
    you have extracted version switcher. – Click the 4th button (options) from
    the left side. – Enter you Warcraft 3 Path where you have installed/copied
    Warcraft like “c:Warcraft 3Frozen Throne” at the bottom text box of the
    Options Window. 🙂

  4. awesome this is great thanks for the help and this vid is great thanks for
    the program and showing me how to use it 5/5 🙂

  5. @RAGETRON Just copy the TFT patches from the link in the description to the
    wvs folder,locate your game if its necessary,and then you are done! After
    that you can easily switch between the versions (No need of downloading new
    cracks,fixes,or something like that)

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