How to Win with Hand Cannons in Destiny 2


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  1. player with thumbs that has a 600 rpm sub or a 3 burst sidearm will always beat a player with thumbs using a hand cannon.

  2. beacuse destiny 2 is made for casuals whats easy to use is whats best beacuse bungie made hand cannons high skill high risk low reward weapons like snipers

  3. Better devil all the way… the explosive rounds are great for killing enemies with low health, without having to rush them.

  4. My friends say that destiny 2 crucible was designed for more choices then I reminded them about Prometheus and high caliber and they didn’t even play destiny 1 I did and we need to bully Bungie into buffing handcanons and or adding last word again

  5. One of my favorite loadouts as a Hunter is Lincoln Green, energy HC, & Lucky Pants. Having Quickdraw on both weapons, it's super easy to get a few bursts off, have the advantage before disengaging, use a sword out to see around the corner while in cover & when they get into my favored range, pull out the hand cannon, peek & clean up or fail spectacularly. A lot don't expect +60 damage to the head when I start the engagement with the Lincoln Green.

  6. This just doesn't work anymore. Everyone that is still playing D2 (& successful) is using MIDA & SMG. Too easy to engage at distance, 3 tap you with MIDA, and fall back if people get too close. Its not even a question of staying in cover, there are too many clean MIDA shoot lines on each level that also keep the MIDA user in cover. Up close SMG vs HC = SMG wins 95% of the time. Engaging with a grenade successfully = you win 100% of the time with ANY weapon. Also, in your video it looks like you're playing against random crucible players with little-to-no tactical ability. Anyone hopping around like Mario is going to get destroyed these days.

  7. Destiny 2 players: 1. Complain about how much worse the pvp is and how people only use MIDA.
    2. Try to play the same way as they did in Destiny 1, then immediately give up when they fail and start using the MIDA like a lil' bitch.
    Stop whining, and git gud.

  8. Whatever …people will not be happy no matter what the meta is…i dont care much abou this game anymore because of the quitters plague in pvp and people just caring about hand canons and nerfing everything until everyone is forced to use hand canons again like in d1…im only coming back for osiris then probably stop playing again

  9. Handcannons must go. Like literally…I never liked them. A waste of bytes in the game code. A waste of effort from the designers.

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