[HowTo] Setup Cheat Engine Server for Android (Network Scanning)

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  1. It's working but I don't get the point of using network scanning in fact… It's 50 time slower than using CE for android (which is available on the forum event if not as good as the pc version).

  2. Every just goes 100% smooth until last step. It doesn't appear in cheat engine. Connection is empty.

  3. I got to last step, but when i type ceserver i get "error: only position idependant executables (pie) are supported." why wont it run server i have galaxy s4 unlocked fully rooted with cyanogenmod 12 running android 5.1

  4. The ceserver failed, the thread failed and it said for me to type something different then ceserver…

  5. ok so to put what he did into word, first extract the contents of the ceserver for android (found in the official cheatengine website) into your sd card (either through a usb cable or downloaded and unzipped directly from the phone). followed by using root browser to move those files to root:system/xbin   and changing their permission to 777 (all 6 check boxes checked), then you go into a terminal emulator and type in "su" to activate super user mode (reminder this only works for rooted devices) then you type in "cd system/xbin" to change the directory from root to root:system/xbin. once your in that directory, simply type in "ceserver" to activate the client and then find it using the network section in the cheatengine 6.2 or higher's process list. this will allow you to choose the android process you wish to debug/cheat and edit it much in the same way you would on a normal pc game

  6. Please help me. The cheat engine either stops responding or crashes when I open the IP of my android. Please help…

  7. Needs a text tutorial, without audio it is near impossible to figure out what we are supposed to do, especially when you are rushing through it all… :/

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