Hozier – Take Me To Church

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  1. You know, we’d probably all be bi except we don’t live long enough to find all of those people female or male. I choose to think like that.

  2. if you want to bring actual Christianity into it we're all sinners & being gay, bi, trans, w.e you want to call it isn't really the worst sin, it's the most common sin but ALL sins are equal. Just remember you're judging someone so therefore you've committed a sin also 🙃 and no i don't like the same Gender i just wanted to put that out there

  3. it really did but Jesus Loves all of us he doesn't care how far we have run he just wants us to come home!

  4. Amazing message! I support the LGBT community, and hope that one day, people will not be so open and extreme about their homophobia, because it;s not your choice whether or not someone else chooses to be gay. That's decision. I understand if you're a little disgusted by it. If I'm being completely honest with myself, it kind of makes me uncomfortable as well. But if one of my friends came up to me and confessed that they were gay, or bisexual, I wouldn't even blink. I wouldn't look at them differently in any way, and I most certainly wouldn't try to avoid them or cut them off completely. Because shouldn't everyone have the right to choose? Shouldn't everyone be GUARANTEED the right to choose? And if you treat people like their your inferior if their decision contradicts our beliefs, then aren't you taking away their right to choose? That's my opinion, anyway 🙂

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