Hungry Shark Evolution iOS Hack – iPhone, iPod, iPad (no jailbreak)

Filename: ifunboxhungrysharkevolutionhack.exe

FileSize: 24 MB

Free ifunboxhungrysharkevolutionhack is ready for download

Hungry Shark Evolution iOS Hack – iPhone, iPod, iPad (no jailbreak)was extracted from


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  1. dude I need some help I tried plugging my ipad mini into the computer but it dosen't work

  2. When i try to click the user app in file browser its moving me to managing app data my apps and when i try to open the hungry shark in sandbox to see the files this text comes…………………..Connection Failed
    App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with "iTunes File Sharing" enabled since iOS 8.3.
    Jailbreak is required to open the sandbox of this App.
    Be sure "Apple File Conduit" is installed from Cydia.

  3. when i go to the hungry shark page on ifun box it show nothing and if i use the new 2.95 version it show up empty as well

  4. There is no ios 9.1/9.2 jailbreak so you can't get apple file conduit. This means you can do the hack. @Deadshot Colada's Tech Channel, do you know a way of fixing this, or can you make the hack bypass this!?

  5. hey bro when i go to user applications then go to hungry shark i dont see nothing in that folder no documents no nothing …… by the way im already jailbroken on my iphone so how can i do it with the jailbreak .. if u know .. hope to get an answer from you soon thanks.

  6. Does it work with iOS 8.4? On iFunBox doesn't appear the files from the game. What do I have to do?

  7. Please help when I click on shark Evo icon it asks me if I want to open sandbox and if I say yes it says I need to jailbreak

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