I AM HACKING – 43 Elimination Hanzo Gameplay (Overwatch Beta Gameplay)

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  1. junkrat op? he's no way fucking op lol . he's so easily countered to . against good players his never even makes it in to do damage it gets killed like 9 out of 10 times before if can do anything. in my opinion he's bottom 5 worst heroes in the game.

  2. That awkward moment when you look up pro hanzo gameplay and watch your gf get completely wrecked. She was the Tracer.

  3. This dude is so bad at accuracy. There's a difference between just randomly firing arrows and hoping for a head shot and aiming.

  4. More like "guy bitching over and over when things don't go his way | overwatch gameplay"

  5. I play Hanzo a lot and I went 24 and 0 one time. It is not my best, but I was really excited because the other team was a much higher level and just really good. Liked the video and nice head shots on the tracers, I am still working on that, but I am pretty good.

  6. "That junkrat wheel is so op!" hanzos ability is basically the same except you can stop it at all

  7. Why are you surprised that the Junkrat ult killed you? You were standing right in front of it. Literally. 2:15 ish.
    Then you have the balls to complain.
    I tried to soldier through but, man, you whine, a lot!

  8. You suck dude. "I died as soon as I walked in"? You was there for almost 10 sec.and you keep died in the same fucking place then you yell that junkrat OP… You said your team was shit while you placed Biotic Field randomly when your hp was full, instead of placing it inside the objective to heal your teammate.

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