I AM THE JUGGERNAUT | Ascension 20 Ironclad Run | Slay the Spire

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This run’s main source of damage comes from it’s block engine, either from exhausting block cards with Corruption, Feel no Pain and Juggernaut, or by Bodyslam-ing after creating 100 block.

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  1. Will you be playing the Colour of Madness DLC of Darkest Dungeon? If so will you be uploading a run to YouTube? (your last DD upload was the short Bloodmoon one)

  2. "I don't think I'm beating collector" seems to be a common theme in the latest few vids lmao

  3. Yeah… Jorbs? your potion usage is WAY too conservative for ornithopter to have been a good purchase.

  4. At some point I'd like to see a Juggernaut run with Self-Forming Clay and Pain, multiple Iron Wave+, and Ornamental Fan. Alternatively: bottled Evolve+, Mark of Pain, multiple Power Through, Feel No Pain, and Medkit.

  5. "Just whatever you prefer, I think."

    Tell me more, oh Enlightened one, Jorbs. Your wisdom is never ceasing.

  6. While 30 minutes of content in a 90 minute long video might make algorithm go postal, I do appreciate (and would like) more of these close games. They at least make the tension rise significantly at the end of the run

  7. How do you find out the actual percent changes in the rng of the game. I am not aware of any public documentation for the rng in this game.

  8. Do the videos lately freeze a little from time to time or is it just me? My computer is working kind of weird lately so I'm not sure.

  9. I feel like maybe nloths gift was partly at fault? Not a lot of good uncommon and common skills got offered after picking it up and we already had the main damage and block engines in tact

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