I can’t get my first win… 😢 (Battlerite Royale)

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In this video I try to get my first Battlerite Royale victory royale.

Battlerite Royale is a new game (not free to play but soon to be free to play) that is a fusion between a Moba and a Battle Royale. I wanted to do a road to my first victory so I have the journey recorded. Battlerite Royale Raigon and Thorn Gameplay.

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  1. It says battlerite in the title. Why do you click if you dont want to watch? haha. People are weird

  2. All the butthurt people be disliking cus he stopped making lol content. Let the man play what he wants, and if you dont enjoy it then go watch someone else, easy as that.

  3. Not tryna hate but u give up so easy, do you think people with huge YouTube channels never tilt. No hustle no success

    Still gonna support what ever you upload

  4. Dumb Idiot! Play League, u created the coolest, Bronze Videos ever.
    Grüße aus Deutschland, Doofi 😏

  5. Well what if "Lol" stands for "Laugh out loud" ?? stop taking his channel's name to make a reason why u dislike this viideo. His contents still good btw

  6. After months that i didnt see your channel in my homepage today i started to wonder where have you been. Thats such a shame, you were one of the most promising league of legends channels around. I hope you will outlet your creativity with this new games and that overall you'll be fine, goodbye hound

  7. I'll gladly continue to support you through this battlerite royal change, it actually looks like a decant game.

  8. Fuck fortnight and for sure fuck LOL a game that punish you for being a good player stupid shit riot. Be this is gold my man I’ll watch this any day or black out I would love to see you play that!!!!!

  9. why dislike ? he didn't do ANYTHING wrong … It says Battlerite and he already mentioned that he wouldnt be playing lol for a while however bad that might be so keep going LoLhounds

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