IEM Hanover League of Legends – Grand Finals – Dignitas vs. Moscow 5

IEM Hanover League of Legends - Grand Finals - Dignitas vs. Moscow 5 Grand Final LoL: Dignitas vs. moscow5 – Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2012 March 06th – 10th 201…
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  1. really irritating commentators. Trying to guess what everybody is going to do all game is not commentating.

  2. Game Nr 1 was probobly the best game i’ve ever witnessed even to this day. I don’t think i’ve ever seen Genja play this good in his entire career. Edward aka gosu pepper had a flawless game and a game that fits his playstyle 100%! Wish he would pull off a Alistar in the NA LCS , it would actually be something curse could use atm.

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