Imperial.Troll Hacking in The Division | Hacker #1

Filename: thedivisionaimbotpc.exe

FileSize: 25 MB

Free thedivisionaimbotpc is ready for download

Imperial.Troll Hacking in The Division | Hacker #1was extracted from


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  1. "You will not get me banned and I have enough money to buy this game a thousand times."
    20 god damn years we have this fukin cheater problem and no fucin studio or publisher comin up with a good anti cheat solution. I know ppl who got banned in other games and bought the game over and over again. I would also milk those idiots if I were a publisher but it ruins the game experience for the rest of us sadly :/

  2. so what they will be banned ? for pc players unbanning is easy … there.s no limit and no way that a pc player will get banned forever…always there will be somebody to make unban engines and tools just like there is somebody to make cheat engines for each and every game that is for the pc

  3. I like the way he say you suck yet the only way he can get any kills is to hack and make a marksman rifle fire like an smg

  4. How is hacking fun it's for bad players who can't play right. At this point hacking is just holding a button and you don't even need to move.

  5. I've run into this guy multiple times. Sucks man… They won't do anything about it…

  6. they plague this game, it's really frustrating. hate to say it, but the console version is better because it doesn't have this issue.

  7. literally got this game last week just Reached 50 dz rank and it was fuckin horrible, hackers galore! go play gta script kiddies….

  8. Where do you find people who hack so can falcon punch them in the ball sack please ?

  9. it amaze me to see u all thinking he is gonna get ban but no there no way for that to happen ubsoft doesn't even have anti cheat system and just cus u uploaded a video isn't gonna change a thing why u think he didn't care who saw him. good luck thinking like that fool ur only advertising him

  10. Nothing more sad than hackers actually thinking they have skill. Ran into a dude last night that had his special up nonstop. Every 10 seconds he would pop it again.

  11. but it is funny how they thought they where good but legit they are are shit they can go back to cod banning this cunt now.

  12. it will not matter what kind of "Anti-cheat" a online shooter game have. these V.I.P hack will always bypass it no matter what and the hack is undetectable by the game. You can only beat a hacker with a hacker or use hack yourself.

  13. wow just shoots through
    the damn wall. im posting on their facebook and twitter page.

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