Improve Your Aim & Accuracy | Destiny PvP Tips #5


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  1. I can never get used to the aim in destiny. I'm used to games like cod and battlefield where the acceleration is very high, but it's so low in destiny, it makes the aim feel very clunky. Especially with the vertical movement it just feels atrocious.

  2. He so right with the memory, I tried sniping, and it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to master it and I head shot people all the time

  3. I use a 3. I used  to use a 8 or 9 cause of how fast you can move around but It threw my aim of alot

  4. i play on 3-4 it seems fine in most circumstances. ive tried no vibro too but its to difficult to tell if im being shot while im doing something.

  5. Very good video I just saw the date but its straight forward still works you know there tips. I do have one question that I cant seem to figure out. Your color scheme seems to pop more with color is there a setting I can change to make it pop more. "Note" Its just for the names of the team I believe.

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