Install AltStore & Get Tweaked Apps NO REVOKE! (Tweakbox/AppValley Alternative)


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AltStore is the leader in Tweaked Apps. AltStore is the only Tweaked Apps store which allows you to download Tweaked Apps for iPhone & iPad NO Revoke! AltStore has also created AppValley companion, as AppValley Companion is based off of AltStore’s code.

This is an easy tutorial on how to install AltStore on ANY iPhone & iPad which is supported. AltStore will help you download Tweaked Apps, Emulators for iOS 13 & MORE! If you want to learn how to download AltStore, watch this tutorial!

AppValley & Tweakbox Status: the no.1 source for YOU to be notified when Tweakbox, AppValley & the other 3rd Party Tweaked Apps For iPhone & iPad stores are Signed & Revoked!

Want to get Tweaked Apps For iOS 13 or iOS 12 in 2020? AppValley & Tweakbox Status has you covered! I will inform you if any 3rd party Tweaked Apps For iPhone & iPad store is signed, so that you can download your Tweaked Apps like Spotify++, Instagram++ etc!

When Tweakbox, AppValley & the 3rd Party stores revoke, you will be notified first on AppValley & Tweakbox Status. I will provide to you videos covering why Tweakbox, AppValley & the 3rd party stores revoked, but also how to FIX revoked Tweaked Apps!

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Installing AltStore:
– AltStore:
– iTunes:
– iCloud:

Installing Tweaked Apps:
Tweaked Apps Via AltStore: *Watch from 11:40*
PPSSPP via AltStore:

Time Stamps:
0:19 Requirements
1:45 Install AltStore on MacOS
9:44 Install AltStore on Windows
18:51 Error “invalid anisette data. Please download the latest versions of iTunes & iCloud directly from Apple, and not from the Microsoft store”
20:08 Untrusted Enterprise Developer error
20:39 Fix “Could not find AltServer”
23:12 Only 3 Apps in AltStore?!
23:35 End


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  1. I can't get plug in to show in mail app???? is it cause I'm on Beta 10.15 Catalina? Please help

  2. i need help. Every time i try to install altstore it says "Turn off offload unused apps" but it still says that even tho i did

  3. The plug in won’t show up in preferences I signed into an account idk why it won’t show up I need help

  4. when i try to install altstore it says "you have reached the limit of 3 apps per device". any help?

  5. 12:13 AltServer is not popping up. I downloaded and did everything you told me to do exactly how you did it. The only thing that pops up is Altimstaller.msi again and I can not run as administrator

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