Install Office 365 Home Premium on Windows 8


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  1. I really think it is refreshing looking at a video that have all the faults
    that happen out there. Thanks Katie&Emil.

  2. Office 365 is actual cheaper then 2013. Yes you pay yearly fees. But you
    can install it on 5 Machines and when Office 2015 comes out you have it
    without any extra costs.

  3. I like this model which is particularly interesting for those who want to
    have latest version of Excel… like myself …

  4. This video was great. I was having trouble getting office 365 to download.
    I did the uninstall of the other version but it was still telling me I had
    to uninstall it. Thank you for showing how to go into “REGEDIT” to get rid
    of the empty folder. Finally got office 365 installed and running.

  5. I have windows 8 then I bought office 2013 and when I shut down it said it
    had an update and the next time I turned my pc on I had office 365. I love
    the auto update signing me up for a piece of software that requires yearly
    fees. I’m not joking either.

  6. Hi Thanks for your comments. This ideas are on our feedback . katieandemil
    . com and we will implement them soon (Sprint 4 or 5 – more updates in
    newsletter / Linked in group) Take care Emil

  7. first 21 seconds all i thought was DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO LIVE
    MY LIFE!! Dont do that again

  8. Thanks a lot for your help videos. These are great! It would be nice to
    have a link to your site available on your youtube pages. The other
    suggestion I had was to have an index of your videos / category etc on your
    site (if possible) for easy search.

  9. Office 365 has extra “cloud” functionality that allows to edit/share
    documents in a browser with very limited functionality. You still get 2013
    with most Office 365 subscriptions.

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