Installing AutoCAD 2016 on windows 10


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Installing AutoCAD 2016 on windows 10was extracted from


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  1. when I click on the downloaded file it says something is preventing from loading please contact the notification

  2. when i click autodesk install now is says something is preventing the software from launching. please contact…….
    plssss help

  3. I just got a new laptop hp pavillion and it runs windows 10. I'm an architectural student and I'm trying to install autocad, I've tried everything but nothing seems to work 😔 any help resolving the matter would be appreciated thank you

  4. also, when I try to use browser download, it directs me to a site where it asks me "Is My AutoCad Genuine".

  5. when i try to install it, why does it says "Something is preventing the software from launching." need help, tnx

  6. Can You make some stuff on Annotation.How to create annotative Text style, Dimensions, multi leaders..Which text size will be consider stranded Text Size in Architectural dimensions. So that we use that text size in text and In dimension text so that it's readable in layouts Cause of Annotative property..Thanks I hope You can..!

  7. I got the link to download autocad 2017 from autodesk,but it didnt get install on my new hp pavilion series laptop.
    What is the problem..
    pls let me know…

  8. Hi. your videos are awesome!! could you please help me to download 2016CAD on my MAC.
    Many thanks

  9. i clicked the browser download and it open a new tab that says "we can't seem to find the page you're looking for. Please use the link below to continue your search or go to the Autodesk homepage." what is the solution for this….thank you.

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